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Welcome to the Sinfar Wiki

Here you will find information about the server, its various areas and systems, guides and introductions. This Wiki is made up of user-submitted articles, and you can make your own contributions. You will require a functioning Sinfar account to log in and you can help us organise how to do our styling and formatting. Be sure to join our Discord and check the Forums.

When making new or editing existing articles, please respect that any article on here should be written in as an objective manner as possible, focusing on facts and information. If you write info about areas of the server, please avoid spoiling surprises and focus instead on general things and/or the area history. Articles may include specific characters who may hold prominent positions, but should not be a substitute for the in-game descriptions available on and in game.

New to Sinfar or NWN? Look up the following guides to get started.
About Sinfar Getting Started - Diamond Edition Getting Started - Diamond Edition on Linux Getting Started - Enhanced Edition Recommended Settings Solving Client or Connection Issues
Returning or just need the necessary downloads?
Download for the Sinfar Hak Files Download for the Sinfar Client Extender (SinfarX)
Also be sure to read up on our Rules!

You can find information for players, supporters and builders.

For Players
Character Customisation Approval Points Chat Commands Magical Items House Scripts Player Housing
Class Changes Feat Changes Spell Changes Chat Channels Custom Emotes
For Suporters
Custom Scripting Your Resources All Supporter Resources
For Builders
Creature Event System Registered Events Variable Events
For Scripters
Common Includes

The following categories are set up and should be set on relevant new pages. More categories can be applied.
Builder Contributions For guides and instructions on your ERFs and contributions. Generally only useful for other builders.
Builders Tools Guides and instructions of various Sinfar tools specifically for builders.
Sinfar Supporters Tools for Supporters to use primarily within their houses.
Player Businesses Lore articles for in-game establishments.
Builder Businesses Instructions and details about businesses made by builders that exist outside player houses.
Player Tools Various useful tools and pages for all players.