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This has been updated to cover and clarify a larger area of potential issues. Rules are subject to change if we find players using loopholes to abuse them. Finally, a DM may make a ruling on something not listed if it is questionable - As long as the situation is shared with the other staff members


  • PERMAKILLING - Only you, the player, have the right to say when your character should (if ever) be permakilled. It cannot be enforced upon you by another player. There are exceptions to this when a particular character has become a known villain, and does something to warrant such a fate. This can only be done by a DM through events with consent granted ahead of time. Character deletion is also rarely used as a form of punishment by the DM team.
  • CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS - It is strongly recommended that you work on a description for your characters. Descriptions are tools many people use for determining RP compatibility, and not having one can adversely impact your ability to find compatible RP partners. Your description is encouraged to include ERP lights, which may range from very extensive to simply listing your disinterest in ERP in general. You, as a player, have the right to remove yourself from any sexual situation which makes you uncomfortable OOCly. The description is not to be used to blacklist specific players, and lights are generic and for kinks only, and are only to show your likes or dislikes, and should not be worded in a manner that bashes specific kinks. If a Description is found to be particularly offensive or otherwise inappropriate, you may be told to adjust it or have a DM adjust it for you.
  • SERVER/STAFF BASHING - We are more than happy to explain the reasoning for rules, events, changes, or general ideas but we aren't going to tolerate insults or mockery. Simply because you may not like something/someone doesn't mean we're going to act as a whipping post for your frustrations. This covers all areas - Chat channels, tells, and so forth.
  • EXPLOITS - If anything can reasonably be assumed to count as an exploit, being something that gives you a reward beyond what the effort put in or what is considered the norm for the server, is not allowed. Exploits can come in a variety of different styles, and if you find something you suspect may be an exploit, it should be reported to the DM/Admin team.


  • CHILD CHARACTERS or NPC's - Because of our environment and to prevent complications, NO child representation is welcome on Sinfar.
  • CHARACTER REMAKES - We do not do XP transfers. So if you mucked up your level one stats you'll have to re-roll yourself. [Items can be transferred via bank]
  • CHARACTER NAMES - Characters cannot be given names that incorporate discrimination, racial slang, derogatory or inflammatory religious or political commentary, or historic or figures from real life current events, including popular fiction. It is not permitted to copy the names of existing Sinfar characters. Generic names may reasonably be used by multiple players/characters, but someone with a unique first and last name should not have anyone copying that.
  • STAFF ACCOUNT NAMES - Account names starting with "DM" are illegal. Anyone using them will be asked to change such. This is for active staff members only. This rule also applies using names that may be mistaken for active staff members, such as using NelaK2 or ItsAnotherBadger.
  • UNTARGETTABLE APPEARANCES, and Characters Z shifted below ground level - This will be punished with immediate character deletion if any player is caught doing this.
  • DISRUPTIVE APPEARANCES/TROLL CHARACTERS - While we promote and strongly encourage individuality here on Sinfar, there's also a line in which a creative idea becomes an interruption to RP. Such characters are subject to immediate deletion.


  • STALKING - You are not to follow another player around with the intention of disrupting their RP. You also must ALWAYS acquire permission to enter PRIVATE areas such as player housing or tavern/inn rooms. PSA on harassment and stalking:
  • UNWANTED TELLS - You have the right to ignore tells, but if they persist and are not welcome you need to inform the player NOT to send you any more tells and document this with a screenshot (Capturing the whole exchange of tells after you tell them to stop). After telling the person to stop, do not reply to anything they might say afterwards. In your REST MENU>GENERAL TOOLS>TELL BLOCK is a feature you may use at your convenience.
  • UNWANTED EMOTE-ANIMATIONS - Spamming voice emotes, bartering, and animations of any kind against a person or people can be considered harassment if you don't stop when asked to OOCly.
  • TROLLING - This section is reserved for anything that may be missed which is not mentioned above that can be used to disrupt other players. We have no intention of targeting any specific players/characters, there are too many aspects of trolling to cover all of them.


  • NO PEDOPHILIA - Performing any type RP sexually involving an underage character. (Doesn't matter the character race, each character must be of the proper maturity - 18 years or older). This will result in an IMMEDIATE ban.
  • FOUL LANGUAGE USE - While it is completely fine to curse and use all sorts of curses in character, it is important to keep in mind this is a fantasy setting.
  • SCAT/TOILET PLAY - These cannot take place on any level - IC or OOC - in a public place. If you wish participate in things of this nature, take it to a private location.
  • ACRONYMNS - Things like "lol" and "k bbl" are not acceptable. Any place NOT clearly labelled OOC requires RP.


  • The traffic light system works on the basis of safe and sane conduct. A player is entitled to list their lights in their bios and on the forums. These WILL be respected by players; intentional violation of the light system can result in a instantaneous ban for a variable length of time or even permanently.
  • The light system can be used to effectively detail what you, as a player, enjoy or don't care for.
  • This, however, has limits; such being you CAN'T red light a player/character, staff, PVP, IC repercussions, etc. The light system APPLIES DIRECTLY and EXCLUSIVELY to ADULT THEMED SITUATIONS, and cannot be used to report a player unless it is a direct violation of unwanted adult themes.
  • Examples of adult themed situations include: Rape, any intercourse in general, dislike of certain genders, sexual torture; things of this nature.
  • RED Lights - These are things that the player wishes to have no part of in their role-play.
  • YELLOW Lights - These are things that may or may not make the player uncomfortable depending upon their mood at the time.
  • GREEN Lights - Things that tend to be universally enjoyed by the player.


  • MINDLESS PVP - All PVP needs RP prior to the engagement. Being Chaotic Evil is not an excuse to attack someone without warning. Being a Paladin is not an excuse to attack Demons or Devils on sight. There needs to be some form of interaction between the characters before PvP can ensue. If there's a questionable situation, you must take screenshots of any and all RP (Or lack thereof) leading up to the conflict. Please note that individual subservers may have clearer guidelines on this, such as Dreaded Lands and Arche Terre, but these rules still apply there.
  • REQUEST SPAMMING - Repeated requests for PvP at any one time might constitute harassment. If a DM is called to investigate, we will speak to each party involved and see if there's a valid reasoning for the PvP requests. In areas that do not have consent options, if you spam dislike to disrupt ongoing PvP then it is considered exploiting.
  • CONSEQUENCES - The PvP Rules do not give a character/player the right to keep taunting someone, knowing they are untouchable due the PvP Consent System/Rules. It is possible to override the PvP Consent in the marked areas if 3 unique people (The PVP system prevents the same player from using multiple accounts to override) in your party toggle dislike on another character repeatedly. This should ONLY be used as a last resort given the aforementioned reason. PSA on overrides/consequences:
  • LOGGING OFF/SWITCHING CHARACTERS - If you do this to avoid PvP after initiating/engaging it upon other characters, you may be subject to punishment. Same applies to logging out or switching when your character is about to lose.
  • DEFEAT - Whether you respawn, or arise from subdual after engaging in PvP with another person, you must wait at least 30 MINUTES before reengaging the same player/group in PvP. You are not to run off to rest and come back after losing. This does not give you the right to get up from Subdual or a respawn and continue to provoke other characters via RP either. Your character lost and needs to accept that. It can be considered harassment if this occurs.
  • DM EVENTS - Participating in a DM managed event or plot you recognize the fact that you are open to potential PvP. You still have the rights to your traffic lights and even the DMs MUST respect those, should adult content be part of said event.
  • ASSASSINATIONS - Just because someone hired your character to attack another does not give you a free pass in doing so. You need OOC permission to jump someone. This can be done through a DM to preserve the assassin's identity and may be best if the DM also monitors the situation. If you are informed about an impending assassination, you should not metagame this and buff up or immediately flee the area.
  • TRANSITION HOPPING - This is where you move back and forth between transitions or abuse transitions to gain an advantage in PvP.
  • RESIZED FORMS/APPEARANCES - Using any skin smaller than a halfling (3'4") in PvP is ILLEGAL.
  • GRIEFING - This is when a player decides to take revenge on another player through PvP. It is an OOC engagement guised as RP. Switching to another character to taunt someone into combat. If any of these are suspected or reported, a DM will investigate and review logs/screenshots.
  • PAVING - This is when a player or any of it's party members is acting immature and resurrecting the defeated player to instantly kill the character again. This is in all cases seen as trolling and considered ILLEGAL. If witnessed by a DM or reported , an appropriate punishment will be the result for all party members involved.
  • ADDENDUM - If a player character is resurrected by one of the opposite party members the Defeat and Paving rules apply. If a player character is resurrected by one of their party members neither the Defeat nor Paving rules apply.

A Bystander is a player character who doesn't belongs to either party involved in the ongoing PvP. A Bystander resurrecting a defeated player character makes themselves eligible for immediate retaliation by the opposite party involved and can not pretend to neutrality. A Bystander resurrecting a defeated player character with the purpose to avoid the opposite party to be subject to the Paving rule will be considered member of the opposite party involved.


  • Pornography - While Sinfar is an adult server, the public chat channels and web client are not to be used to share links for pornography or other NSFW material. Any links that contain content that could violate Sinfar server rules will require us to punish the players accordingly. (NOTE: We realize there's a lot of NSFW portraits, so if you find yourself finding opinions on such if would be best to mention you want opinions and to send you tells for those interested in seeing it)
  • GROUP/KINK BASHING - Publicly bashing/mocking/taunting groups of characters (Furries, Transgenders, Catlings, etc) or various fetishes is not to be tolerated. You'll get a warning for doing so. You're entitled to opinions, such as "I don't really like this type of RP/ERP" but not claiming something as fact which is rooted in opinion such as "People who do this are disgusting inhuman monsters" or even just saying that "x is wrong."
  • DISCRIMINATION - Like the rule above, please refrain from using any offensive slang against any particular RL group of people based on their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc.
  • SPAM - The chat channels exist to increase communication among players, not for one or two players to post trollish/silly messages in rapid fire sequence, nor is it okay to provide a detailed walkthrough of a game you're playing or movie you're watching. If things get a bit excessive you'll be reminded to ease up.
  • For the EVENT CHANNEL - One post per 1 hour regarding a single event.)
  • ROLE PLAYING - Besides the channels that can be used for IC postings (Event, Action, Sex, etc) you should not be RPing out scenes or various situations with other players. Find them IG and have fun!
  • HARASSMENT - Should be rather obvious. Calling someone out by their player name or character name in a negative light. This isn't a place to gossip.


  • GROUP/KINK BASHING - Publicly bashing/mocking/taunting groups of characters (Furries, Transgenders, Catlings, etc) or various fetishes (I really don't want to list any) is not to be tolerated.
  • DISCRIMINATION - No offensive slang or images/memes against any particular RL group of people or country based on their race, ethnicity, gender, religion or political opinion, etc.
  • SPAM - The Sinfar Discord channels exist to increase communication among players, not for one or two players to post trollish/silly messages, nor is it okay to provide a detailed walkthrough of a game you're playing or movie you're watching.
  • Text and images not complying to these rules will be removed and if it becomes to often you will be set on time-out and eventually banned from the Sinfar Discord if it continues.