Sinfar Client Extender (SinfarX)

From Sinfar

Sinfar has its own client extender called SinfarX. It pushes many limits of the base game, add features and fixes. It is available for NWN Diamond on Windows and Linux and NWN:EE v8181 on Windows.

Main Features

  • Moving/Rotating/Scaling of visual effects, body parts, creatures, placeables
  • RGBA coloring of visual effects
  • PLT on visual effects
  • PLT color mapping/overriding/shadowing
  • Extra armor parts slots
  • Textures mapping on placeables and visual effects


NWN 1.69 Windows

See: Getting Started - Diamond Edition

  1. Save/Extract the sinfarx.exe into your NWN folder.
  2. Run sinfarx.exe to start NWN
  3. When it asks you to update the plugin, click "yes".

NWN 1.69 Linux

Note: Linux players have had much more success using Lutris, see: Getting Started - Diamond Edition on Linux.

  1. Save in your NWN folder.
  2. Edit the script that you run to start NWN (./nwn), add:
    … just above the line that looks like …
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./miles_linux:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  3. Rename your "miles" folder to "miles_linux" (This is a fix so that it be possible to share the same NWN installation on Windows and Linux)

NWN:EE v8181

See: Getting Started - Enhanced Edition

  • Save/extract sinfarx_ee.exe into the same folder as nwmain.exe (C:\BeamdogLibrary\00785\bin\win32).
  1. Run sinfarx_ee.exe to start NWN
  2. When it asks you to update the plugin, click "yes".

Using SinfarX with Steam (Optional)

  1. Rename nwmain.exe to nwmain_org.exe
  2. Rename sinfarx_ee.exe to nwmain.exe
  3. Edit 'sinfarx.ini' (it is generated next to sinfarx_ee.exe when you launch it), so that the line that the "nwmain" property value be "nwmain_org.exe"