Magical Items

From Sinfar

Sinfar has very specific rules when it comes to what magical power can be found on items. You will never find items with a magical power beyond what is allowed. There are also numerous Custom Weapons available from the Sinfar haks. These are added in such a way that they can still be used by Weapon Masters or with Weapon Focus feats despite no custom feats being added for them, as they will work with pre-existing feats instead. This also means you can be more versatile in your weapon choice as a weapon master, swapping between a regular spear or a short spear with a shield without losing your class bonuses.

The Enchanting Forge

The enchanting forge, located in Sinifer and other main cities, let you add magical property to crafted items. Crafted items can be bought from the travelling merchant in the emporium of Sinifer and also in other main cities.

To enchant a crafted item, you need to put a non-enchanted, crafted items in an enchanting forge and close it. A dialog will let you select the properties that you want to add, but it is restricted.

Each items can accept a certain number of PP (Property Points) and each property cost a certain number of PP. So when you will choose a property, the forge will tell you how much PP it cost and it must be equal or bellow the number of PP left that you can put on the item. This is for balance reasons.

After selecting the properties that you want, you will need to find the required components. The forge tells you what components you will need and how many of them.

Once you get the components, put them in the forge, with your crafted items and retry to add the properties. The forge should let you process and after some magical operations, your crafted item will be enchanted. Note that components inside bags are still counted normally, so you don't need to add each item individually.

Once an item has been enchanted once, it can never be modified again (except its appearance). Be sure to add all the properties you want the first time, or you will have to re-acquire the components you used for the next, proper enchantment.

Power Points

Armor Power Points

Name Armor Type Armor Class (AC) Max Dexterity Bonus PP
Cloth Light 0 - 6
Padded Light 1 8 6
Hide Light 3 4 7
Leather Light 2 6 8
Breastplate Medium 5 2 8
Scale Mail Medium 4 4 8
Banded Mail Heavy 6 1 8
Half Plate Heavy 7 1 7
Full Plate Heavy 8 1 6

Accessory Power Points

Item PP
Amulet 3
Belt 3
Boot 3
Bracer 1
Cloak 3
Helm 3
Ring 2
Shield 1

Simple Melee Weapons

Simple Weapons PP
Assassin's Dagger 4
Chirurgical Tool 4
Club 6
Dagger 4
Dagger, Prehistoric 4
Gauntlet (unarmed) 6
Goad 6
Quarterstaff 7
Sickle 5
Spear 5
Spear, Prehistoric 5
Staff (Magic) 10

Martial Melee Weapons

Martial Weapons PP
Ankus 2
Battleaxe 4
Great Axe 5
Great Sword 5
Halberd 5
Handaxe 4
Heavy Flail 5
Heavy Mace 5
Heavy Pick 2
Light Flail 6
Light Hammer 6
Light Mace 5
Light Pick 2
Longsword 4
Maug Doublesword 4
Maul 5
Morningstar 5
Rapier 2
Sap 6
Scimitar 2
Short Spear 4
Short Sword 4
Trident 6
Warhammer 4

Exotic Melee Weapons

Exotic Weapons PP
Bagh Nak 2
Bastard Sword 4
Combat Fan 2
Dire Mace 7
Double Axe 4
Double Scimitar 2
Dwarven Waraxe 4
Falchion 2
Kama 2
Katana 4
Katar 2
Kukri 3
Nonchaku 6
Sai 7
Scythe 3
Tome (Magic) 10
Two-Bladed Sword 5
Whip 6
Wind Fire Wheel 6

Ranged Weapons & Ammunition

Ranged Weapons PP
Flintlock 2
Heavy Crossbow 3
Light Crossbow 3
Longbow 2
Shortbow 2
Sling 2
Ammo/Thrown PP
Arrow Maker 5
Bolt Maker 5
Bullet Maker 6
Dart Maker 4
Flintlock Maker 5
Shuriken Maker 5
Throwing Axes 4

Item Properties

Using the above tables, the following properties can be added to different items, classed into Armour and Accessory properties or Weapon Properties. Some weapon properties are for melee and ammo only while others are ranged only.

Armour and Accessory Properties

Enchantment Bonus per PP Max Bonus PP usage at Max
Ability Bonus +3 +12 4
Armor Class +1 +5 1
Damage Reduction 7/+5 7/+10 6
Elemental Damage Resistance 5 40 8
Haste - - 2
Immunity: Knockdown - - 5
Regeneration +1 +8 8
Saving Throw +4 +20 5
Skill Bonus (Concentration or Discipline) +6 +48 8
Spell Resistance 10 30 5

Weapon Properties

Enchantment Bonus per PP Max Bonus PP usage at Max
Attack/Enhancement Bonus +1 +6 2
Elemental Damage Bonus +1d4 +1d12 3
Physical Damage Bonus +3 +2d8 6
Positive Damage Bonus +1 10 10
Keen - - 2
Massive Criticals +2d6 +2d12 2
Mighty +3 +20 0
Vampiric Regeneration +1 +7 7
Spell Focus - - 5
Bonus Spell Slots, Wizard - - 2
Bonus Spell Slots, Other - - 4

Pre-Enchanted Items

There are many stores across the world that sell various items including already enchanted ones.

Those stores should never provide items as good as what the enchanting forge can produce. If you find any items that are comparable to what the forge can make, you should report it. For example, if you see an item that cast a spell that is not available for potions (see below), like ice storm, then this item is not legal.

However, custom and pre-enchanted items may have unique appearances, some of which may only be obtainable inside dungeons or from various events.


The 'Brew Potions' feat let you create potions from a limited number of spells:

Cat's Grace
Bull's Strength
Owl's Wisdom
Fox's Cunning
Eagle Splendor
See Invisibility
Mage Armor
Death Ward
Cure and Inflict Wounds Spells
Dispel Magic

The caster level of enchanted potions is fixed, depending on the spell. The dispel DC of potions is equal to 75% of your character level.


The craft wand feat lets you enchant bone wands, with all spells that can be use to brew potions plus the following ones:

  • True Seeing
  • Lesser Spell Breach
  • Endure Elements
  • Resist Elements
  • Protection From Elements
  • Timestop
  • Stoneskin
  • Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion
  • Invisibility
  • Negative Energy Protection

Wands have a caster level equal to the caster level from which they have been enchanted. Their dispel DC is also equal to this same caster level. You can only use enchanted wands when you have the ability to cast the spell at the specific level or if you have a Use Magic Device skill of at least (3 x Spell Level + Caster Level).


Scrolls are like an extension to your spell book. They let you cast a spell exactly as if you were casting it from your spell book but without the need to memorize it. You must be able to cast the spell naturally to use a scroll version of the same spell.