Your Resources

From Sinfar

If you are a sinfar supporter, you may view and create your own player house resources at the following location: All player-house resources are prefixed with p_ and a per-player unique hex code which is up to and usually 4 digits.

Resoruce names are limited to 16 characters after the required prefixes and hex code, most players will be limited to 9 characters of uniqueness, so careful naming may be required for larger projects.

Custom conent that can be managed this way includes:

  • Scripts
  • 2da
  • Conversations
  • Placables
  • Creatures
  • Items
  • Merchants
  • Waypoints

Resources can also be uploaded using the Player Home Uploader, by selecting the "Include Blueprints" option. Note this will overwrite any edits you have made using the web based tooling.