Spell Changes

From Sinfar

On Sinfar, numerous spells have had balance changes applied to them, ranging from minor to major. There are global spell adjustments as well as adjustments to individual spells.

Global Changes


The durations from Negative effects, Hold effects and Area of Effect have been capped. Area of Effect as well as Negative Effect durations are capped at 8 rounds while Hold Effects are capped at 4 rounds. Extend spell only increases the duration by 50%. Associates durations are halved.`

Long-Lasting Areas of Effects

Area of Effect spells with fixed, 8-round duration cannot be resisted with Spell Resistance, Spell Mantles or Spell Immunities.


Counterspelling is entirely disabled on Sinfar due to its buggy nature.

Durable AoE Spells

(Acid Fog, Storm of Vengeance, etc.)

These spells hurt everyone in the area, including the caster, depending on PvP settings.

Spells that DO NOT stack

The follow spells do not stack with each other
Death Armor Elemental Shield Mestil's Acid Sheath
Camouflage Mass Camouflage

Using any kind of Spell Breach can dispel the following spells:

  • Greater Spell Mantle
  • Spell Mantle
  • Lesser Spell Mantle
  • Premonition
  • Greater Stoneskin
  • Globe of Invulnerability
  • Minor Globe of Invulnerability
  • Greater Shadow Conjuration: Minor Globe
  • Ethreal Visage
  • Ghostly Visage
  • Protection from Spells
  • Mind Blank
  • Spell Resistance
  • Energy Resistance
  • Protection From Elements
  • Resist Elements
  • Endure Elements
  • Undeath's Eternal Foe
  • Shadow Shield
  • Negative Energy Protection
  • Elemental Shield

Dispel Magic Spells

Dispel DC continues to increase at epic levels, the same way as in pre-epic levels.

Specific Spell Changes

  • Amplify: Grants +10 listen.
  • Aura vs Alignment: Damage reduced to 1d4 + 1.
  • Battle tide: Allows a will save to avoid the negative effects of stepping into the aura.
  • Blackstaff: Gives +6 enhancement bonus to the quarterstaff and makes it cast Lesser spell breach on a successful hit.
  • Blade Thirst: Grants +6 enhancement bonus to a slashing weapon.
  • Clairaudience/Clairvoyance: Grants +5 to spot AND listen.
  • Creeping Doom: Lasts 8 rounds. 20 Damage on initial entry, and d6*number of rounds remaining in the cloud. Cumulative damage total over all targets in the cloud is still 1000.
  • Death Armor: The damage shield damage is equal to 1d4.
  • Displacement: Grants 30% concealment.
  • Divine Favor: Grants +1 AB and damage per 5 levels to a maximum of +3.
  • Divine Power: Grants +6 strength, and +1 temporary HP/caster level. Does not stack beyond +12 strength from item bonuses.
  • Drown: Damage is equal to 60% of the targets current HP.
  • Elemental Shield: The damage shield damage is equal to 1d4 + 1 per 3 caster level.
  • Flame Arrow: The number of arrows is capped at 5.
  • Gate: There is no longer a need to cast Protection versus Evil as the summoned Balor will always be at the summoner's command for the duration of the spell.
  • Greater Stoneskin: Grants +5 soak 10 damage reduction. It ends after absorbing 5 damage per caster level, to a maximum of 100 damage.
  • Isaac's Lesser Missile storm: Each missile does 2d6 damage. Each missile has a 40% chance of hitting each target within the area of effect.
  • Isaac's Greater Missle Storm: Each missile has 40% of chance of hitting each target in the area of effect.
  • Ice Storm: The cold damage is capped at 10d6.
  • Implosion: The DC bonus has been removed and has been lowered by 5.
  • Keen Edge: The duration is changed to 2 round per caster level. It works with all types of melee weapons, not just Slashing weapons.
  • Mestil's Acid Sheath: The damage shield damage is equal to 1d4 + 2 per 3 caster levels.
  • Nature's Balance: Breaches 2 spells from all enemies in the area of effect.
  • Negative Energy burst: The strength penalty is capped at -4.
  • Premonition: Grants +5 soak 15 damage reduction. It ends after absorbing 5 damage per caster level, to a maximum of 150 damage.
  • Santuary, Greater Sanctuary: The duration is set to 18 seconds, and it is absolutely impossible to detect the user; save for by party. There is a 15 second cool-down timer to be able to cast the spell again.
  • See Invisibility: Lasts 2 turns/level/
  • Stoneskin: Grants +5 soak 5 damage reduction. It ends after absorbing 5 damage per caster level, to a maximum of 50 damage.
  • Storm of Vengeance: Lasts 8 rounds. 3d6 acid + 50% chance of 6d6 electrical damage. 3d6 acid + 6d6 electrical damage, and stun for two rounds on a failed reflex save.
  • Tenser's Transformation: The transformation is still a polymorph, but the original appearance of the character is preserved. Due to the polymorph effect; you will not be able to cast spells, or use items for the spell's duration.
    • Sets strength to 20, dexterity to 22, and constitution to 18.
    • Grants 1 Attack per round per 15 levels. You can't have more than 4 base attacks per round.
    • Grants 1 AB per two caster levels.
    • Grants +5 to fortitude.
    • Maximize, Empower & Extend are disactivated for this spell. (Even if they relocate the spell to sup spell slots, it won't have any effect)
  • Time Stop: Creates an area of effect where only the caster can control things. Archers can not shoot someone in the zone, only the caster can cast spells in the this zone. If you enter this zone, your time gets stopped. Duration is 4.5 seconds. There is a 9 seconds cool down before the spell can be casted again.
  • True Seeing: The duration is set to 3 rounds.
  • True Strike: The duration is set to 6 seconds.
  • Searing Light: d6 instead of d8 and d4 instead of d6.
  • Word of Faith: A will save has been added.
  • Wounding whispers: The damage shield damage is equal to 1d4 + 1 per 2 caster level.
  • AC Spells: Magic Vestment, Barkskin, Shield, Shield of Faith, Shadow Shield: The AC bonus is capped at 1/6 of your character level.
    • Magic Vestment applies to the character, and not the armor/shield. Can not be applied to armor/shields.
  • Invisibility Spells: Invisibility, Invisibility Sphere, Improved Invisibility: Duration is changed to 1 round per caster level.
    • Invisibility Sphere: also holds to those that were present at the time of casting, even if they exit the aura.
  • Improved Invisibility: Grants an invisibility effect that fades when attacking. This effect returns at the beginning of every round. No concealment.
  • Lesser Spell Breach, Greater Spell Breach, Mordenkainen's Disjunction: The number of spells that can be breached has been halved.
  • Heal, Harm, Mass Heal, Greater restoration, Resurrection: Heal, Harm, and Mass Heal restore HP equal to half of what the target is missing up to 250.
    • Greater Restoration removes negative status effects as well as replenishes half of the HP missing up to 250.
    • Resurrection revives a dead target, and restores 50% of it's HP.
  • Evard's Black Tentacles, Bigby's Grasping Hand, Bigby's Crushing Hand: The grapple check is equal to the caster ability modifier (4 for Evard's black tentacles) + the caster level + the size modifier of the hand or the tentacle (4) + 1d20 versus the target strength modifier x 2 + the target BAB + the targets size modifier + 1d20.
  • Bigby's Interposing hand, Bigby's forceful Hand, Bigby's Grasping Hand, Bigby's Clenched Fist, Bigby's Crushing Hand: All bigbys now have a to-hit check. The to-hit check is a reflex save.
  • Bigby's Interposing hand: The AB penality is changed to -4.

Epic Spell Changes

Epic Mage Armor

  • Grants a total of +16 AC.
  • The bonus is the sum of +4 dodge, +4 deflection, +4 armor, and +4 natural AC.
  • Only the dodge bonus stacks with the AC granted from items.

Epic Warding

  • Grants 20 damage resistance per caster level.
  • The power of the damage resistance is 30 / +10.
  • The duration is 1 turn.

Epic Dragon Knight

Dragon depends on alignment and class in the case of palemaster.

  • Spell Focus Conjuration: +2 con, dex, str, duration x2.
  • Greater Spell Focus Conjuraton: +4 con, dex, str, duration x3.
  • Epic Spell Focus Conjuration: +6 con, dex, str, duration x4.
  • Dragon is hasted.
  • Dragon is immune to Word of Faith.
  • Spellcraft: The modified spellcraft check will be added to the dragon's total HP as temporary hit points.

Basic Dragons: A level 25 dragon will join the caster.

  • Good Alignment = Silver Dragon.
  • Neutral Alignment = Amethyst Dragon.
  • Evil Alignment = Black Dragon.
  • Palemaster +10 = Dracolich.

Epic Dragons: A level 40 dragon will join the caster.

  • Cleric = Lvl 40, at least 30 wis.
  • Druid = lvl 40, at least 30 wis.
  • Palemaster = lvl 30, at least 30 either cha/int/wis.
  • Sorcerer = lvl 40, at least 30 cha.
  • Wizard = lvl 40, at least 30 int.

Epic Mummy Dust

Instead of summoning a mummy (the only exception being a palemaster), the caster gains a construct to fight alongside them.

  • Spell Focus Conjuration: +2 con, +2 dex, +1 reg.
  • Greater Spell Focus Conjuration: +4 con, +4 dex, +2 reg.
  • Epic Spell Focus Conjuration: +8 con, +4 dex, +4 reg.
  • The construct/mummy is immune to Word of Faith.
  • Spellcraft: The modified spellcraft check will be added to the dragon's total HP as temporary hit points.

Basic: lvl 21 Construct/Mummy:

  • Cleric = Clay Golem.
  • Druid = Topiary Guardian.
  • Palemaster = Mummy.
  • Wizard/Sorcerer = Iron Golem.

Epic: lvl 40 Construct/Mummy:

  • Cleric, lvl 40 & at least 25 wis = Stone Golem.
  • Druid, lvl 40 & at least 25 wis = Epic Topiary Guardian.
  • Palemaster, lvl 30 & at least 25 int/cha/wis = Mummy Lord.
  • Wizard/Sorcerer, lvl 40 & at least 25 int/cha = Mithril Golem.

Custom Spells

There is a variety of custom spells made for Sinfar, withe possibility to add more. The current list expands upon all classes that have access to spells. You can see the full list of added, considered or intended spells here.