Character Customisation

From Sinfar

On Sinfar, there's a vast variety of options for customizing your character even after you've left character creation. Things that cannot be altered after creation are:

  • Level 1 class
  • Level 1 ability scores
  • Level 1 feats, skills, spells or anything else included in the "Packages" part of character creation.

If, at any time you wish to alter any of those things, you will be forced to create a new character. However, all the rest of character creation - from alignment to gender and portrait to model appearance - can be changed at will in the game or on our websites.

You can find a list of in-game characters, where you can also see their full-sized portraits and read their bios, here:


You can upload a new portrait at any time for your character and it will take effect immediately on the server, though other players will have to download it before they'll be able to see it in game. However, the webclient and websites will update automatically. You can upload a new portrait on the upload page here:

In order to upload your portrait, you must be logged in with the account associated with the character in question. For the portrait to be valid, it must follow the standards of NWN portraits which can be found here:

You can use the in-game portrait converter or, if you wish more fine-grained control over the results, any image or photo editor able to work with .tga files can work. GIMP is a recommended tool for its utility and the fact it's free and open source.


You're not restricted to a specific alignment for your character, regardless of your classes. You can also pick any class regardless of your alignment, allowing you to play a Paladin/Blackguard if you so wish. Certain classes - ones that would normally have alignment restrictions - will push you towards specific alignments. This means that you may roleplay a good character who has taken Assassin or Blackguard levels, and they will mechanically be evil and thus susceptible to the Smite Evil feat of a Paladin. For information about which classes will adjust your alignment, and if you wish to know what alignment your build may get, see this page.

To change your preferred alignment, you must go to the Vichan NPC accessible in all OOC rooms (accessible with the !OOC command).


Your character biography, as seen when you examine a character, can be fully customised after character creation. You can do it from in game via the NPC Vichan accessible in the OOC room (accessible with the !OOC command) or from the website,

If you're online, your character will be visible on the main page. If you wish to edit a biography of a character while not in game, you can go to the "Characters" and "Search" menu. You must be logged in with the account associated with the character to be able to edit it.

Model Appearance

Model appearance, including gender, can be changed from any Body Model in the game. These can be found in the OOC rooms (accessible with the !OOC command) as well as through the Teleport menu in your player tool menu. They're also added to many private and public houses in game, where changes can be done at least semi in character. The body model will, additionally, allow adding or changing wings, tails, heads, body parts and colours, which can be done for all parts together or each individually, as well as custom shadows and shading for each part.