Getting Started - Diamond Edition

From Sinfar

This page will detail how to connect to Sinfar, where to find the various resources needed to both optimise your experience on the server as well as ones that are necessary to connect in the first place. For any questions, concerns or queries, join our Discord server for the easiest access to answers.

This page will have some details specifically for using the Diamond Edition on Windows. For Diamond Edition on Linux, see this page. For using the Enhanced Edition, see this page.

Connect with us

Be ready to ask questions and find friends to play with already, the best place is our Discord server: https://

You can also use our forum: (Ask players in game or discord for the password to sign up)

There is various in-game tools and information available on

Enter the Persistent World of Sinfar

To play on the Sinfar server, you will need copy of Neverwinter Nights 1 as well as the Sinfar custom launcher and hak files. Sinfar does not use the newer Enhanced Edition (EE) of Neverwinter Nights. To get a copy of NWN1, we recommend buying EE on which also gives an extra copy of the base Diamond Edition, which includes the two necessary expansion packs. The game is regularly on sale on various platforms, whether you use the recommended GOG one or another.

After installing Diamond Edition, you may need to install the patch 1.69 Critical Rebuild if installed via GOG. Be sure to get your unique CD Keys. For instructions how to find these in the GOG Galaxy client or on the GOG account site, look here.

To play on Sinfar, you additionally need to download our custom Hak Files. You can use the full download link here, or visit the hak page for individual downloads. The hak files must be installed in the game's install directory unless manually changed to different folders.

Lastly, you will need the Sinfar Client Extender (SinfarX) (direct download link.). This is a custom launcher similar to NWNCX that adds additional functionality for the Sinfar Server exclusively. You should never use this to play on other servers.

Launching the game and going to the Multiplayer Menu, you will be presented with the Player Login screen. Even if you never played NWN before, you do not need to use the Create New Account feature - simply put in the account name you desire and any key for a password.

After setting your account name, click Join Internet Game. You will get an error that "Connection failed, try another Nick." Click Cancel and select Direct Connect and type in the DNS for Sinfar: and click OK (you can include the port,, to connect to the main server or :5122 to connect to the Dreaded Lands server, etc, but this is not necessary).

Create a New Character

Click the “New Character” button and follow the steps. You can create as many characters as you want so don't spend to much time on your first one. Also, the following new character options can be fully changed later:

  • Gender
  • Portrait
  • Alignment
  • Customize

Additionally, the race appearance can be changed later. That means that only your Class, Abilities and everything under Packages is locked in place upon character creation. If you wish to change class or your starting abilities in the future, you will have to make a new character from scratch - however, you're able to transfer all your items and gold to the new one.

Before Playing Your Character

  1. Read the Rules
  2. Understand OOC vs IC
  3. A Beginners Guide
  4. Frequently Asked Questions