The Eagle's Landing

From Sinfar

Location: Sinifer City, Sinfar Island



A bit about the place's history, starting with the origins. Its relationship with The Whispering Raven in Iracia, Lupe, ownership changes. This should read as a text that could be found in-game.


  • All rules within the The Eagle's Landing are to make certain patrons and staff are both safe and comfortable. Interpretation of any rule is at the discretion of staff.
  • Please keep most of your clothes on, and your "nethers" off display. Not everyone wants to see each-other's "bits."
  • Treat everyone with respect, both verbally and physically.
  • Private rooms are available upstairs, free for use.
  • An arena is available downstairs, also free for use. Please restrict any violence to that area.
  • The staff have the final say in any matters regarding rules and business.


OOC information: Info about its staff and business model, as well as other stuff like games and bedrooms.

Special Traits

OOC information: Special systems, like scripts beyond what's used for the games listed in structure.