The Overthrow of Apathy

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The Overthrow of Apathy

Postby TiaThiend » Sun Feb 23, 2020 6:39 pm

*there was a genuine air of unrest felt by those intuitive enough to recognize it in the floating Isle of Esus. Others though went about their business smiling and nodding, flirting and fucking, completely unaware their intuition had been... dulled?
.. a curse perhaps?

In the shadows otherworldly beings laughed and mocked while they plotted. She, they whispered, was finally the one worthy enough to lead them. She didnt know it yet, but her wishes would be their command. They trailed after her watching and calculating observing and marking for later.

She, whom they watched was now wandering the Esus Crystal Caverns. She seemed unchallenged as she worked at coercing the renowned Shale family to do her bidding.

She, she declared to each family member, would own the Crystal Cavern. She, they declared to anyone who would listen, left them chilled and plagued with confusion and chaos. Fear, they said, was felt like never before

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