SinfarX Client Extender Loader and (NWNCX) Plugin (A must!)

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SinfarX Client Extender Loader and (NWNCX) Plugin (A must!)

Postby Mavrixio » Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:20 pm

This plugin add a lot of features to the game. Do not think about playing on Sinfar without it. :evil:

NWN:EE Windows:
1) Download sinfarx_ee.exe and save it in the same folder as nwmain.exe (C:\BeamdogLibrary\00785\bin\win32). (Alternatively, if you can't download .exe files, here's the zip archive of it:
2) Run sinfarx_ee.exe to start NWN
3) When it asks you to update the plugin, click "yes".
Using SinfarX with Steam (Optional):
1) Rename nwmain.exe to nwmain_org.exe
2) Rename sinfarx_ee.exe to nwmain.exe
3) Edit sinfarx.ini (it is generated next to sinfarx_ee.exe when you launch it), so that the line that the "nwmain" property value be "nwmain_org.exe"

1.69 Windows:
1) Download sinfarx.exe and save it in your NWN folder. (Alternatively, if you can't download .exe files, here's the zip archive of it:
2) Run sinfarx.exe to start NWN
3) When it asks you to update the plugin, click "yes".

1.69 Linux:
1) Download and save it in your NWN folder.
2) Edit the script that you run to start NWN (./nwn), add:

Code: Select all

... just above the line that look like: "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./miles_linux:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
3) Rename your "miles" folder to "miles_linux" (This is a fix so that it be possible to share the same NWN installation on Windows and Linux)

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Re: Sinfar NWNCX Plugin (A must!)

Postby Mavrixio » Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:34 pm

If the launcher fails to download the plugin, you can download it manually here:
NWN Diamond: ...
NWN:EE 8166: ...
NWN:EE 8179: ...
NWN:EE 8181: ...

FAQ (1.69)

- Is it compatible with the community NWNCX Launcher?
No... since the version 71, we are not 100% compatible with the NWNCX_Launcher.
But if you don't mind and sinfarx launcher is not working for you...
You can download the plugin here : (or in a zip archive:
You will have to update it manually. So when the server tells you to update it, come here and re-download the file above and save it in your NWN directory.
Server Listing: If you use the NWNCX_Launcher and the nwncx_serverlist plugin, you can have it back, but SinfarX doesn't support it yet.

- Where can I download the latest version?
Just above, If the server keep saying that you aren't using the latest version, then it is probably because you aren't updating the plugin properly. make sure that you copy the file that you just downloaded in your NWN folder and that it is named exactly "nwncx_sinfar.dll" (you browser may rename it to something like "nwncx_sinfar (2).dll"). If you use sinfarx, it can automatically update the plugin for you.
- Your NWN installation is not compatible!
If you get this error, it is probably because you patched your nwmain.exe and in that case, you can revert by downloading the original file:
- You can use sinfarx with any launcher by:
1) renaming nwmain.exe to nwmain_real.exe
2) renaming sinfarx.exe to nwmain.exe
3) putting this in your sinfarx.ini file:

Code: Select all

[SinfarX] nwmain=.\nwmain_real.exe

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Re: Sinfar NWNCX Plugin (A must!)

Postby Mavrixio » Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:21 pm

Last Updates
Only use a previous version if the current one is not working or make you crash and after reporting it here:

- v69: Added the new server IP to the authorized servers list.

- v76: Re-implemented the resource manager.
This is mainly the open the door to new features (dynamic alteration of textures, models/animations and even generate new resources), but it includes some advantages already:
- A better caching system, it adds the following setting in your sinfarx.ini file:
ResourcesManagerCacheSize=<number of mega bytes of RAM memory that can be used to cache data>
If you have a good amount of RAM (4-8GB) I recommend you to set this value to 1000 and even 2000 or 3000... the plugin will use it to store the data that it loads, so that it doesn't need to be loaded again and so you horses, for example, will only make you lag the very first time that one come in your view range.
- It removes the the haks limits: the number of haks and number of resources per haks are unlimited when using the plugin. (We will probably not use the feature though, to stay compatible with the few people that still dont use the plugin)
One known downside: It is not compatible with the NWNCX_Launcher... you need to use sinfarx to launch the game.

- v78: Let you change the colors of your armor.
- You can map any color channel to any color channel of any armor parts.
- You can modify the shadow of any armor part and color channel.

- v83: Fixes, camera hack and the option to load extra plugins.
1) The "R6025 - pure virtual function call" error should be fixed
2) You can control the behavior the the camera with the following settings (in your sinfarx.ini file):
DefaultMaxZoom=25.00 # Distance of the camera when you press the "zoom out full" key. Game default: 25.00
DefaultMinZoom=1.00 # Distance of the camera when you press the "zoom in full" key. Game default: 1.0
Enable=1 # Enable the camera hack settings, if you set the option to 0, your camera will have default behavior and all other settings related to it will be ignored.
MaxPitch=180.00 # The vertical rotation angle. Game default: 89.00 (but I know that I am not the only one that want to see under skirts so the plugin default value is 180)
MaxZoom=35.00 # The maximum distance of the camera. Game default: 25
MinPitch=1.00 # The vertical rotation angle, when it goes above you head (don't know how to explain...)
MinZoom=0.50 # The minimum distance of the camera. Game default: 1.0
3) To load all NWNCX plugins in your NWN directory, set the LoadAllNWNCXPlugins to 1. Turning that setting on will altough disable some of the nwncx_sinfar feature to not conflict with other NWNCX plugins, like the fix for the game master / chat server timeout or the weapons visual effects.

- v84: Colors mapping and shadowing for heads, helms and cloaks.

- v85: Colors mapping and shading for wings and tails. Enable body colors on helmets / heads v2.

- v86: Moving and scaling of armor parts.

- v87: Flipping of armor parts, scaling/moving/flipping of cloaks.

- v88: It should complete the loop for scaling/moving/flipping and enable what was missing for helm/head/wings and tail.

- v90: Enable PLT for visual effects.

- v98: Enable overriding the colors for a specific body/armor part.

- v102: The PLT colors overriding is not applied -before- the colors mapping, so you can use the same same palette for all color channels.

- v120: Enable colors mapping, override and shadowing for visual effects.

- v124: Enable altering the RGB/Alpha values for visual effects.

- v150: RGB/A fix and PlayInnactiveAnimations[/url]
1) Fix this issue with the RGB/Alpha coloring of visual effects: ... 381#p76381
2) Add an option to the sinfarx.ini file: PlayInnactiveAnimations ... to disable the client side "bored" animations that are played randomly when a creature is not moving. It can take one of the following values:
0 = Dont play the animations at all
1 = Play the animations for NPCs only
2 = Play the animations for both NPCs and PCs (like normally)
By default it is set to 1... because I guess that it must not be very motivating when you are giving a BJ... to see the character in front of you yawning.

- v340: Add a new setting to fix the crashes that ATI users get when launching the game: DisableAtiShaders.
Set it to one to if you are using an ATI graphic card and are experiencing crashes immediately when running the game.

- v362: Enable mapping textures of placeable and visual effects and rotating+coloring placeables.
More details here: ... 674#p78674

- v364: Add an option to not show players from other servers/web client in your player list: ShowAllPlayersInPlayerList

v370: Fix the auto-update and the coloring or the same texture in different colors.
You will be asked to redownload sinfarx, get it here:

- v374: Enable applying the same VFX multiple times (with different adjustments).
The new accessory system use that feature:

- v390: More ways to color textures.

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