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Dm & Dev Application Templates

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:15 pm
by Mew
Staff Application

We currently run an open application process for staff members on Sinfar, anyone can apply but they should be aware of what each position entails and the process for each.


Builders on Sinfar create and manage their own islands, they can be long or short term projects and can vary greatly in size but the things we look for in builders are all the same.
Ideas and concepts that bring something different to the server.
A willingness to work with other builders and staff.
The ability to keep to a set of guidelines that all builders need to follow.
Be relatively active on the server for sometime and understand how it works.

Making a Builders Application

Mavrixio has the final say on who builds for the server or not, although most applications are run by the existing team to ensure that there are no troublemakers gaining access to the system and the screening process can be quite vigorous, but he has the final say. So applications should be made directly to him via PM and using the following form…
Player Name(s):

Characters on Sinfar:

Toolset Experience:

Level of Scripting Experience:

Reasons for wanting to be a Builder:

Concept ideas (if any):

General Neverwinter Nights history:

Samples of your past work:

Additional Information:
Please note: You should not start building for Sinfar in anticipation of a Yes result, Sinfar uses a lot of unique rules and variables that make building for the server easier for everyone. Tag and resref rules are different from how you would normally build so please do not start work and then be disappointed should you hear a No back.

Dungeon Master

Being a Dungeon master on Sinfar is a unique experience. You have to be able to pay attention to all the worlds and their settings. You also have to realize that those worlds are the property of the Builder that creates them and you need to be able to work with them when creating or running events.
You also have to realize that this is a Social server at heart and that there will always be a certain amount of player self centeredness. Running events is often hard for that reason alone and you will often find your level of creativity stifled with how certain of the systems work.
The job is unpaid, you do not receive any special benefits from being a DM on Sinfar, you actually probably get more by being a Builder who can create their own things.
Now if you read all of the above and that does not put you off then maybe you are the sort of person we are looking for as a DM, because it is those kinds of people who like to help out and care for the players and make sure that abuse and trolling is kept to a minimum that we would like to hear from.

Making a Dungeon Master Application

Applications are made using the form below which should be returned to a member of the Administration team. The application will then be posted in the DM forums for discussion by the existing team and possibly a vote will be taken on it. This process will sometime take a week to complete depending on the amount of research we need to do into past histories, we do this to protect the server and the players that you would be watching over.
Player Name(s):

Characters on Sinfar:

Reasons for wanting to be a DM:

What role do you envisage yourself as by being a DM:

Previous Neverwinter Nights history:

Your active times on the server (GMT):

Other Information about yourself:

Life Cycle of these Requests

You can expect these requests to take anything up to a week to be completed and for you to recieve a response. Once a decission has been made and you are given an answer and assuming the answer is a no you can ask the reasons why you were turned down and even for the results of any votes that were taken on your request. You will be given an idea over what issues were felt stopped you from being accepted so that you can work on improving them. If you feel that you have been unfairly represented then you can also make an appeal post to one of the administration team which will then be added to your request and then discussed again. Should the response be a no a second time around then we ask that you take that as the final word on it.

Repeated applications can be made at three month intervals.

Re: Dm & Dev Application Templates

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 6:12 am
by Mew
We will no longer be accepting Dungeon Master applications. Mav has decided to change the method in which we select new members, to be based on what we see from players. If there is a player who has displayed the desired traits we are seeking. We will approach them about possibly joining the staff based on our "interview" with them.

This however does not apply to those interested in building. We still encourage those interested to send such applications to a active admin.