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Required Hak Files

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:53 am
by Mavrixio
For Dummies and New Players:

1) Click this link: sinfar_all_files_v27.exe (2.9 GB)

2) Cllick Run

3) Wait that the transfer finish.

4) Click run again, if needed.

5) In the window that appear, click the "..." button and select your NWN directory.

If you dont know where it is, enter C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN in the field.

Note: This installs into your primary game directory, where nwmain.exe is located. Not all game installations will use the same name.

6) Click Extract.

7) Wait that the process be done.

Restart NWN and you are ready to log on Sinfar!

For Advanced Users:

Download the files one by one:
Talk Table (extract it in your NWN\tlk folder):
Override (extract it in your NWN\override folder):
Haks (extract them your NWN\hak folder):

Download all files in one 7zip archive:
(2.9 GB)

To extract the .7z files, you can use 7-Zip:

Here is what you should have in your NWN\ directory:

By size (bytes):
1562746880 ./hak/sf_cre_mdls_v27.hak
952545280 ./hak/sf_cre_texes_v27.hak
138424320 ./hak/sf_doors_v27.hak
453365760 ./hak/sf_effects_v27.hak
428249088 ./hak/sf_itm_other_v27.hak
179273728 ./hak/sf_itm_weap1_v27.hak
164495360 ./hak/sf_itm_weap2_v27.hak
115191808 ./hak/sf_ldscreens_v27.hak
1024569344 ./hak/sf_pc_body_v27.hak
658276352 ./hak/sf_pc_head_v27.hak
275103744 ./hak/sf_pc_lower_v27.hak
868356096 ./hak/sf_pc_main_v27.hak
196141056 ./hak/sf_pc_upper_v27.hak
1070825472 ./hak/sf_plc_main1_v27.hak
1330737152 ./hak/sf_plc_main2_v27.hak
1247715328 ./hak/sf_plc_main3_v27.hak
255713280 ./hak/sf_portraits_v27.hak
150089728 ./hak/sf_skyboxes_v27.hak
563023872 ./hak/sf_tls_core1_v27.hak
490323968 ./hak/sf_tls_core2_v27.hak
510418944 ./hak/sf_tls_core3_v27.hak
823697408 ./hak/sf_tls_core4_v27.hak
913973248 ./hak/sf_tls_core5_v27.hak
744599552 ./hak/sf_tls_core6_v27.hak
607752192 ./hak/sf_tls_extra_v27.hak
124231680 ./hak/sf_top_v27c.hak
266240 ./override/pal_armor01.tga
266240 ./override/pal_cloth01.tga
266240 ./override/pal_leath01.tga
8126464 ./tlk/sinfar_v27.tlk

By MD5:
40ef40b16c7a7f5b1d9079443d7e4ec3 *./hak/sf_cre_mdls_v27.hak
19c7f556fe4768ab76413f6f2ba290be *./hak/sf_cre_texes_v27.hak
2fd700a3613a9962353ae764f60848ad *./hak/sf_doors_v27.hak
6be446012c23045ba99014d1daf8356f *./hak/sf_effects_v27.hak
132018f43403abc4aa6be9acee0a3f92 *./hak/sf_itm_other_v27.hak
834471af50fcb558ab34e7e209f9e108 *./hak/sf_itm_weap1_v27.hak
6d89f171adfeac14cde7cb596e582588 *./hak/sf_itm_weap2_v27.hak
224990784456b726d9813f9e3f893c65 *./hak/sf_ldscreens_v27.hak
4b865a3692afce2c89432519157cf3d4 *./hak/sf_pc_body_v27.hak
23771d2cd48ccd1a416e2ad8786447b6 *./hak/sf_pc_head_v27.hak
e0731f544e09bab6aded1e47d1241f39 *./hak/sf_pc_lower_v27.hak
dfcb091b0c70c63a1173b0a76b946800 *./hak/sf_pc_main_v27.hak
c7a8937a25506bf7c888fa2f8b61b12c *./hak/sf_pc_upper_v27.hak
e2f9e27894a892cae97cbf9b71ddf241 *./hak/sf_plc_main1_v27.hak
7339f529a75bf4b9c9ac77cc6d26ff21 *./hak/sf_plc_main2_v27.hak
c0016c193eeb7b96941c5b6554794199 *./hak/sf_plc_main3_v27.hak
fd494d2f28a482f9cd7416b98a5fd889 *./hak/sf_portraits_v27.hak
00775bb4f06646731f3042d77096cd76 *./hak/sf_skyboxes_v27.hak
41d309a09df21868116890b2e371aa76 *./hak/sf_tls_core1_v27.hak
6b81371cc6c07f94cc7d9afb7791cfe4 *./hak/sf_tls_core2_v27.hak
e160247d155cb9fdf461b1f0eab49201 *./hak/sf_tls_core3_v27.hak
13ca8659bd3b6f4565ea62a7e9b22fff *./hak/sf_tls_core4_v27.hak
df783f87fdd28924c63c07da424b40e6 *./hak/sf_tls_core5_v27.hak
46c0ac792f0a7720e31b84dc5582b015 *./hak/sf_tls_core6_v27.hak
b39e7e726e20d91a4f3eeee626b2cef9 *./hak/sf_tls_extra_v27.hak
0f5c214a544c8691076b2910c5cde611 *./hak/sf_top_v27c.hak
b4e1c3a3ff2e8f93dcb2d6ec9643dbc1 *./override/pal_armor01.tga
2758e88ea4cad5ab4fe1e11cc6deb085 *./override/pal_cloth01.tga
e77e1628880f9818b725d7c6beb50917 *./override/pal_leath01.tga
f2b4bf5c77e2930762083d140f135bc7 *./tlk/sinfar_v27.tlk

Re: Required Hak Files

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:50 am
by Mavrixio
Mirror Links: (extra links, if the ones above dont work)

Google Drive: ... U42bWZxSWs

Re: Required Hak Files

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:46 pm
by Mavrixio
If you need the old haks, they are unfortunately gone forever.

What you have to do is to rename the current haks to the old haks names, making sure that all new haks are included in the old haks list (even if they have a different name)

Re: Required Hak Files

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:45 am
by XStorm ... xpD8m0KdI4

This is a patch for the visuals hak that mostly resolves the accessory issues that EE users are having.